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McKenzie Friend Support to Improve Co-Parenting After Separating

Graham Fletcher - Professional McKenzie Friend, Based in Bristol

Co-parenting can be difficult after a acrimonious divorce

Graham Fletcher has over 10 years  lived experience of co-parenting 2 children with his ex-partner after divorcing which informs the McKenzie Friend advice and support he offers to separated parents

Graham's children went between two homes within a shared residency child arrangement order for many years. As children grow up there are often parenting discussions that need to happen to supporttheir being consistent parental boundaries or guidance offered.Sometimes such situatons can be challenging and it is not always possible to fully agree on parenting perspective.This is just a normal part of life . No parents agree on everything even if they are still happily married

a separated mother and father hold hands with their young daughter who they are co-parenting after divorcing