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About Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend

Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend is Scottish, 52 years old, a non-mason man and has no allegences with secret societies.Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend has lived in England for 30 years+

Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend is the author of "Eyes Wide Open: How to present your own case in family courts against lawyers" and creator of the youtube channel "Mckenzie Friend explains how family courts work"

Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend has personal experience of successfully navigating the divorce process without paying high legal fees during his own divorce in 2012. This was a challenging time of his life. Like many people, he had no idea of how to go about the divorce process and could not afford expensive solicitor fees

Without any formal legal qualification, Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend found myself in a situation where he had to very quickly educate himself to understand how family courts worked. Graham Fletcher subsequently was successful in getting a occupation order and non-molestation order application dismissed and a shared residence order made in relation to his 2 children.Graham Fletcher did so with the support of a McKenzie Friend

Following this experience he recognised many of the skills from his working background as a qualified mentor and working with families for over 20 years

 had contributed to his successful outcome.Graham Fletcher felt passionately that he could offer a high quality McKenzie Friend support service to other parents who had decided to present their own case in the family courts

Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend has tried and tested listening skills and will offer you a calm, non-judgmental McKenzie Friend service that helps you to understand how your case may be viewed in the Family Court. It is important for Graham to state he have no personal agenda to push via his McKenzie friend work. Graham has regular contact with his now adult children and seeks to support other parents to always be working towards developing positive child-focussed parenting arrangements for the future. Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend will strive to be impartial at all times in order to achieve the best outcome for your children. 

Outside of Graham Fletcher's McKenzie Friend work his personal interests are making electronic music making, DJing, Mountain biking, spirituality, meditation, self development and reading books

  • Education

  • BA Hons Fine Art

  • OCN Level 3 Mentoring

  • Post Graduate Youth and Community Work

  • 7307 Adult teaching certificate

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