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Divorced father with his children after help in his divorce from graham fletcher mckenzie friend

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Ever since Graham achieved a successful outcome in my his divorce in family courts, Graham's been passionate about helping people improve their chances of success in family courts as a McKenzie Friend. It feels great every time Graham leaves an emotionally charged courtroom and knows he has empowered his client to achieve their aims. Graham wrote "Eyes Wide Open - How to present your own case in family courts against lawyers" to share his McKenzie Friend insights on how Graham has helped hundreds of parents achieve positive divorce finance settlements and childcare arrangement orders in England and Wales. 

It's the book Graham wishes he could have read when he went through his divorce.


1. Where are you emotionally right now?  2. Is mediation right for your situation?   3. Different types of court orders   4. How family courts work in principle   5. Key people of influence  6. How to prepare for your court hearing   7. Expect out of court negotiations   8. What to expect inside the courtroom    9. Directions going forward    10. Overview of complex cases.   Afterword.  Acknowledgements.   Further resources

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Amazon Customer Review "This is an essential guide! Although I had already been through the children's court order process prior to reading, it did confirm a lot of what I had learnt going through that process and explained some of the approaches adopted by lawyers, Cafcass etc. It can be difficult to see the pathway through some of aspects of family law, particularly when going to court, as lawyers have a habit of not making it clear. They also have a habit of using language that feels like they are talking down to you, which can make you feel stupid, even when you are not. This guide helps to overcome some of that by explaining why they do it.

Although the book doesn't cover a great deal on divorce, I now feel a bit better prepared to start discussions with my ex about our finances. I thoroughly recommend this book!"

Amazon Customer Review "I found this book excellent and so good I read it twice over the weekend. Although I do currently have legal representation this book gave me so much insight into the family court process which to be honest had been very confusing for me to get my head around. I now feel a lot more relaxed but at the same time very informed and knowledgeable of what to expect during the months ahead. The book was easy to follow and everything explained clearly. I highly recommend this book."

Amazon Customer Review "A clear and simple explanation of what courts are and just as importantly what they are not. Should be required reading for people going through a divorce process. I learned a lot from it and I should know all this stuff having been through it once. It also explains how a McKenzie friend can help. I skipped the finance bits as they are not relevant to my situation."

Amazon Customer Review "A MUST read for anyone about to start Court proceedings or going through. I had the privilege of having Grahams expertise for me during Court. And I must say,this book written by Graham is exactly on point. Really helps put your mindset at where it needs to be."

Amazon Customer Review "I’d definitely highly recommend this book to anyone about to go through, or already going through, the UK Family Court Process. The author sets out in very clear, simple language what will be involved and the different scenarios that could be faced. Reading ' Eyes Wide Open' was therefore the best preparation I could have had- it gave me a real confidence boost when I went to court.

Having lawyers represent both sides in Family Court could possibly escalate disagreements rather than resolve them. The four main benefits I got from this book were as follows;

1. It helped me to break away from old habits of negative thinking and a conflict based mindset, leading to a much more positive approach.
2. The ethos of this book, plus the help of a McKenzie friend in court, both allowed me to focus on the children's best interests and the goal of finding a workable solution, leading to very positive outcome for our children.
3. It enabled me to make informed decisions while avoiding the expense of taking on a lawyer.
4. It allowed me to speak for myself."