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McKenzie Friend Support with Child Custody Disputes

Child Arrangements

What Child Arrangements are in the best interest of your children post separation?

Child arrangement orders can be applied for in family courts in england and wales. Child arrangement orders are commonly applied for by fathers who are denied access to their children upon separating from their mother. It is less common for a mother to make a application but it sometimes happens and Graham is experienced with both types of cases. 

Child arrangement orders often restart contact for the child with the parent and give structure to the times and frequency of how and when this happens. Family courts frequently order such arrangements for the child/children to spend with their parent when the parents cannot agree such patterns between themselves consensually.

Following a divorce or separation nothing pulls on the heartstrings more than your children being prevented from having a relationship with you and having to go to family court to get a C100 child arrangement order but often it is a very positive way to resolve a co-parenting dispute.

Graham is very experienced in helping parents with their child arrangement order applications and has observed a wide range of different scenarios unfold in family courts in England and wales court proceedings.

Graham typically helps fathers who are denied access to their children and want a professional alternative to paying high solicitor fees. Most fathers don't get legal aid access to solicitors but Graham is also happy to help mothers as well.

Graham has personal experience of successfully achieving a "shared residence (50/50)" lives with both parents child arrangement order in his own family court proceedings and did so as a litigant in person. This means he presented my own case to a judge,rather than paying a solicitor to speak for him.

This is one aspect worth noting in what distinguishes Graham's service from those of the majority of lawyers or McKenzie Friends, Graham has successful lived experience of achieving and working to maintain and develop shared parenting in practice and therefore he is not trying to work through unresolved issues of his own through other people's court proceedings. This means he can be impartial,child focussed and ask awkward questions if needed.

In Graham's work as a professional Mckenzie friend he is always solution focused in the family court advice he provides, looking for opportunities to improve co-parenting relationships and resolve child arrangement and divorce finance disputes.

map of family courts for mckenzie friend support

Graham provides an alternative service to that of a family law solicitor. Many of the litigants in person Graham has helped over the years feel lawyers seek to amplify and extend conflict. As a professional McKenzie Friend Graham helps parents work towards a future where they can co-parent together, something which he has achieved personally