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What is a McKenzie Friend?

A McKenzie Friend is defined by the President’s Office of the English and Welsh family court rules

In a civil family court hearing you can attend without a solicitor. When you attend the court hearing without a solicitor the court refers to you a "litigant in person". Family courts allow a lay person to help a litigant in person as their "McKenzie Friend" - this means they have the courts permission to quietly give advice to the litigant in person in the courtroom, take notes and can assist in negotiations with solicitors outside the courtroom

Why choose a McKenzie Friend over a Solicitor?

You will save £1000's in legal fees when compared with solicitor legal fees for court hearings regarding child arrangement orderdivorce financial settlements (ancillary relief), non-molestation order and occupation orders. Graham Fletcher helps you fully understand the court processes without the using the legal jargon solicitors use. Graham's high feedback rating evidence when you focus on the criteria that courts are interested in increases your chance of achieving a positive outcome

What services does Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend offer?

Help to draft court statements, coaching sessions to prepare for important cafcass interviews, attend your court hearing to help you negotiate with solicitors,take notes and provide advice and emotional support  

Graham's service covers in-person family court hearings in Bristol, Bath, Weston supermare, Newport, Gloucester,  Swindon,  Cardiff,  Blackwood, Taunton, Worcester, Hereford, Salisbury, Swansea,  Oxford, Reading, Basingstoke, Yeovil and remote court hearings across England and Wales