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Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend - Bristol Based McKenzie Friend helps litigant in person lay people successfully present their own case in family court child custody and divorce finance disputes. A cost effective alternative to using a solicitor - save £1000's in legal fees

What is a McKenzie Friend ?

A McKenzie Friend is a term defined by the President’s Office of the English and Welsh family court guidance as a lay person who helps a fellow lay person to present their own case in a civil court case as a litigant in person

A professional McKenzie Friend is a cost effective option for a litigant in person to consider when considering a family lawyer compared with a McKenzie Friend for child arrangement order or divorce finance disputes. Cost effective, pay as you go McKenzie Friend fees and a high number of McKenzie Friend Reviews show you can trust the service of Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend

English and welsh family courts require that you try family mediation to resolve child arrangements or divorce finacial settlement. If this approach doesn't or will not work a lay person can conduct their own litigation as a litigant in person with the support of a cost-effective McKenzie Friend service. Often the litigant in person will need to keep calm and negotiate with their ex-partner's solicitor or barrister outside of the courtroom

Litigants in person can achieve positive family court orders without using the expensive services of a solicitor or barrister. Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend has over 10 years experience of offering moral suppurt and guidance to Mothers and Fathers who are going through difficult separation or divorce disputes as their McKenzie Friend. 

Please do not use the website find a mckenzie friend dot com to enquire about the service of Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend as Graham has no professional connection with find a mckenzie friend dot com

The profile of Graham Fletcher McKenzie friend on find a mckenzie friend dot com website was created without the consent or permission of Graham. Read Graham's McKenzie Friend Blog post on his efforts to get this falsely created profile removed or action taken by relevant agencies or domain providers. New public enquiries can Contact Graham exclusively via his CONTACT page  

Graham Fletcher has over 150 5 star McKenzie Friend reviews from parents who have achived positive outcomes presenting against family lawyers in child arrangement order hearings (some people may call this Child Custody), divorce financial settlements (ancillary relief), non-molestation order and occupation order hearings

A McKenzie Friend does not conduct litigation on behalf of a lay person or have permission from the court to address the Judge or Magistrates on the litigants in persons behalf

It is not uncommon for parents who separate or divorce to disagree on when the children spend time with each parent (child arrangements) or what percentage of the sale of the family home they should recieve as part of their divorce financial settlement when divorcing (called "ancillary relief"). If agreement cannot be reached by consent a parent often has no choice but to apply to civil family court for the courts assistance to resolve their dispute

In some difficult divorce situations, a Mother may stop the Father seeing the children and the father may need to apply to a family court for a court order to restart or increase the time the children spend with him. In other difficult divorce situations a Mother or father may need help to negotiate with lawyers over securing a fair divorce settlement 

Often one parent is represented by a solicitor or barrister as they acess legal aid on the basis of claiming domestic abuse

A Mckenzie Friend helps divorcing parents achieve a fair divorce settlement
a exasperated divorce father who could benefit from coaching from a mckenzie friend
A divorcing mother could benefit from talking to a mckenzie friend instead of paying a solicitors high fees

How does the service of Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend compare to that of a family law solicitor ?

Divorcing parents may find the fees charged by lawyers unaffordable or become disatisfied with lack of progress whilst their legal bills escalate. A parent going through divorce or separation may choose not to use the services of a lawyer (solicitor or barrister) and negotiate the terms of their divorce on their own as litigant in person. A litigant in person can resource insightful advice,support and guidance from a McKenzie Friend. Often a McKenzie Friend will have direct lived experience of presenting their own case as a litigant in person. A McKenzie Friend's service and fees when compared to a family lawyer's will often be a attractive proposition to a litigant in person

Litigants in person often feel intimidated or confused by the legal language of legalese that solicitors use to try and influence the decisions making process. A McKenzie Friend will speak in normal lay english language. A McKenzie Friend can help a litigant in person negotiate with lawyers prior to a court hearing via email correspondance or in face to face meeting outside the court hearing. McKenzie Friends can also be involved in discussions with cafcass family court advisors prior to entering the court room. Having a McKenzie Friend present in pre-court interviews with cafcass can often result in cafcass making positive recommendations to the court

Being a litigant in person can be emotionally challenging, especially if the other parent is focussing on negative feelings about the end of the relationship. It is not uncommon that some parents restrict access to their children due to unresolved relationship dynamics or with the aim to financially gain from restricted contact, such as claiming a need for a higher percentage of asset split or increased child maintainence claims.

Lawyers often encourage mothers to position themselves as victims of domestic abuse. This often enables the mother to gain legal representation via the legal aid system

Fathers who are denied access to their children often find it difficult to know how to approach family court proceedings to achieve positive outcomes. A father needs to consider carefully how to communicate about his ex-partner as this will likely influence the negotiations or decisions the court makes.

A McKenzie Friend can suggest positive strategies to a father to consider based on their knowledge of cases where a Mother making false or malicious domestic abuse allegations has not been successful

A McKenzie Friend does not represent a litigant in person as they are not legally qualified.The litigant in person takes full responsability for their decisions and how they choose to present their case. This is an important disctinction for a lay person litigant in person to understand and take ownership of how they present their case

If the litigant in person feels unsure on how to best position themselves on their paperwork and in interviews then the McKenzie Friend can assist a litigant in person to prepare their paperwork and develop their strategy on how best to present themselves in interviews to the cafcass family court advisor and the Judge or Magistrates involved in the case.

Mckenzie friend provides emotional support to divorcing parents negotiating a divorce

What experience does Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend have in helping separated Mothers and Fathers in family court disputes?

Graham Fletcher is a highly experienced McKenzie friend, based in Bristol. Graham has over 10 years court experience helping litigants in person. Graham has published a book on how family courts work and has a popular youtube channel explaining how family courts work. Graham Fletcher has over 150 5 star McKenzie Friend Reviews on Google, Yell , Linked in and Facebook gained over 10 years of professional McKenzie Friend practice

Graham Fletcher offers a McKenzie Friend service to Mothers and Fathers as litigants in person to achieve successful outcomes in family court disputes. Graham Fletcher's McKenzie Friend service is a cost effective alternative to using a solicitor and he has high feedback ratings from existing clients. Graham requires payment in advance for individual consultations and does not request large advance deposits

Graham Fletcher offers emotional support and McKenzie Friend coaching on a consultation basis

Graham typically offers a free 15 minute telephone consultation to new enquiries on 07906 956035 between the hours of 9am to 9pm. Graham reserves the right to withdraw this offer if he feels an written or voicemail enquiry does not align with his ethos, values and professional focus

Further in-depth McKenzie Friend support is provided on telephone or video calls and email correspondance on a pay in advance basis

McKenzie Friend support can involve such services as reviewing and giving advice on court documents, guidance on how to improve paperwork, preparation for important cafcass interviews, help to negotiate with solicitors, taking notes and quietly giving insightful advice during the court hearing. Graham Fletcher has long term experience of shared co-parenting post divorce so he can offer advice to parents on how to improve the co-parenting relationships between parents. Often co-parenting can be a point of significant friction between parents.

McKenzie Friends offer advice for a litigant in person to consider.The McKenzie friend does not run or manage the case of the litigant in person.The litigant in person accepts all responsability for their decisions and actions as they present their own case 

Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend can attend court hearings in-person to help negotiate with lawyers, take notes and quietly give advice in court. Graham can travel to family court within a travelable distance from his home in Staple Hill, Bristol

Graham Fletcher achieved positive outcomes in his own divorce as a litigant in person. He achieved a shared residency child arrangements order, negotiated a positive divorce settlement and was successful in getting a non-molestation and occupation order application dismissed

If you are denied access to your children or cannot agree how to financially divide your marital assets, Graham Fletcher can help you achieve positive outcomes by supporting you as your McKenzie Friend

Graham will provide emotional support and insightful guidance to navigate through the family court processes. As your McKenzie Friend Graham will help you correctly position your case so you can positively influence family court advisors (cafcass social workers) and lawyers

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