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McKenzie Friend for Swindon County Court and Magistrates

Swindon Combined Court

picture of Swindon County Court

Swindon County court Phone Number - 01793 690500
Address: The Law Courts, Islington Street, Swindon, SN1 2HG
Hours -08.30 pm – 5.00 pm
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Graham Fletcher provides a paid McKenzie Friend support service to parents attending family court hearings at Swindon Family court for Child arrangement hearings, Non-molestation orders, Occupation orders and Divorce Finance Hearings (ancillary relief). 

Having a McKenzie friend support you means you are litigant in person and speak to the judge directly instead of a solicitor speaking for you - Graham's McKenzie friend service is cheaper and more effective than a family law solicitor.

Graham is experienced in coaching people to present their own case with over 10 years experience in Family courts and over 150 5 star reviews.

Estimate of Fees:

Graham’s estimate of fees to attend Swindon Family court would be

1 hour travel to and from court £75
and 2 hours at court (for a hearing pre-listed for 1 hr duration) would be £160

total estimate of cost is £235

Typically Graham meets most clients 30 min to 1 hr before to discuss aims, negotiate with the ex-partners solicitor or the ex-partner if open to this

Graham takes handwritten notes in court and quietly give advice and answer questions

Graham gives you the written notes to take away and will debrief you afterwards

if the hearing is delayed or I need to be present with you for longer than 2 hrs then the fee increases by £40 for each additional 30 min block of time

Graham asks for a advance deposit of £100 to secure his time in advance so that he can turn away other enquiries for the same day

the remainder of the fee is due on the day before we leave court, cash is preferred but Graham can also accept direct bank transfer payments via BACS and online banking

Call 01635 869730 now to find out more about how Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend can help with divorce advice and support for Swindon county court hearings