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McKenzie Friend Coaching to prepare for Cafcass Interviews

a cafcass family court advisor influences the outcome of child arrangement order hearings

Be fully prepared for your important Cafcass family court advisor interview

If your are a parent involved in C100 child arrangement order hearings in a family court in England and Wales your interviews with a Cafcass family court advisor are of crucial importance

Cafcass family court advisor are social workers working within the family court system. The Cafcass Family court advisor does not work for the local authority social service child protection team but may liase wih them if the children are known to social services.

Cafcass family court advisors are often asked to write a safeguarding letter before the first hearing and often asked to write a more detailed assessment called a section 7 report. In more complex cases a Cafcass family court advisor. could be appointed as a 16.4 children guardian

For Fathers's denied access to their chldren by a Mother post separation, Cafcass interiew's are of key importance to how proceedings unfold and therefore it is crucial to consider what you say about your children, your ex-partner and who you are as a parent

During the interiew you are being risk assessed by the Cafcass family court advisor.They may be aware of allegations made witin a non-molestation order application

The Cafcass family court advisor will have to consider practice direction 12J requirements issued by the family court system and consider what direction they suggest the Judge or Magistrates should consider for the direction of further hearings.

Cafass do not make orders or decide court direction BUT they are highly influencial in England and Wales family courts.Many fathers I have supported have felt like they are the people making decisions

With 10 years+ of family court experience Graham advises separated fathers seeking to increase the time their children spend with them to be very wary of taking advice from Fathers who had a negative experience of Cafcass in their own case. Each case is unique

There are a broad spectrum of Cafcass family court advisors working within the court system.Personality,skillset, experience and training levels can all play an important factor in whether the cafcass report in your case comes back in your favour. You have the opportunity now to try and influence the cafass family court advisor in a positive way

This will be a key time for you to fully consider how you talk about your past relationship with your ex-partner. Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend has seen many people make error's of judgement in how they presented themselves and lived to regret not fully outlining their own experience of their past relationship with the mother of their children. Sometimes the relatioship wasn't healthy in terms of both people's conduct, not just one person as is often proposed as a reality in family courts

In ten years of professional McKenzie friend work I'd observe most cafcass family court advisors are women but I have encountered Male members of staff as well, who were impressive in their impartial assessment of cases

I have seen Cafcass change perspective as proceedings have progressed and also helped parents successfully cross examine and pull apart assessments that have been provided to the court by Cafcass

Graham Fletcher has years of experience of successfully coaching parents be fully prepared for their cafcass interviews

As a professional McKenzie Friend Graham frequently is invited to participate in 3 way discussions outside the courtroom with the duty Cafcass family court advisor

Please call Graham to discuss how he could help you prepare for your important Cafcass interview. Fees start at £40 for 30 mins