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McKenzie Friend Explains How Family Courts Work Youtube Channel

Insightful advice and guidance from a Divorced Father with 10 years experience of family courts and co-parenting 

In 2018 Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend created a McKenzie Friend youtube channel called Mckenzie Friend explains how family courts work 

The McKenzie Friend youtube channel offers Mothers and Father going through divorce and separation over 88 videos. Parents can access hours of free tips, advice and insightful observations shared from Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend's 10 years of professional McKenzie Friend experience

The types of hearings Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend has been extensively involved in are child arrangement ordersdivorce financial settlements (ancillary relief), non-molestation orders and occupation orders

Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend has over ten years experience of co-parenting two children within a shared residence child arrangements order

Graham Fletcher's McKenzie Friend youtube channel has had over 67,000 views since 2018

Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend offers youtube viewers a free 15 minute consultation on 07906 956035 Mon-Sunday between 9am and 9pm (if availability)