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McKenzie Friend Help For Ancillary Relief Court Hearings

divorce financial Order

Resolve Ancillary Relief disputes without using a solicitor

What is ancillary relief ? Ancillary relief is the term used for the specific process that defines how the split of marital assets are negotiated or ordered by a judge when divorcing in England and Wales.

Divorce financial orders can be applied for in family courts in england and wales (often called "ancillary relief"). Divorce financial orders are commonly applied for by both mothers and fathers who cannot agree how to legally separate their marital finances. 

Divorce financial orders often involve pressurised negotiation processes with family lawyers (such as solicitors) and it's easy for legal bills to spiral out of control under the vague legal language lawyers use.

Family courts frequently order divorce financial orders  when the parents cannot agree such agreements between themselves consensually. Graham is experienced in supporting litigant in person parents to achieve successful outcomes against high paid barristers in final divorce financial hearings (see my 5 star reviews for final hearings)

Graham is very experienced in helping parents with their divorce financial order hearings and have observed a wide range of different scenarios unfold in family courts in England and wales court proceedings. Typically Graham helps mother's and father's as legal aid is not available for divorce financial order hearings. Most of my clients want a professional alternative to paying high solicitor fees

Graham has personal experience of successfully achieving a fair and reasonable divorce financial order in his own family court proceedings and did so as a litigant in person. This means he presented my own case to a judge,rather than paying a solicitor to speak for him.

This is one aspect worth noting in what distinguishes Graham's service from those of the majority of lawyers or McKenzie Friends, I have successful lived experience of achieving a divorce financial in practice and therefore I'm not trying to work through unresolved issues of his own through other people's court proceedings. This means he can offer you a impartial,solution focussed service and ask awkward questions if needed.

In Graham's work as a professional Mckenzie friend he is always solution focused in the family court advice he provides, looking for opportunities to support reaching resolutions as quickly and fairly as possible in divorce finance disputes.

Graham provides an alternative service to that of a family law solicitor in how he works. Many of the litigants in person he has helped over the years feel lawyers seek to amplify and extend conflict and often arrive at his service after incurring high bills with little progress. Graham frequently turns that situation around, for a fraction of the cost.

As a professional McKenzie Friend Graham helps parents achieve positive divorce financial orders so they can work towards a future where they can co-parent together, something which he has achieved personally

map of family courts for mckenzie friend support