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photograph showing the inside a of a typical family court

McKenzie Friend Support with Family Court Hearings

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Divorcing Parents can achieve positive outcomes against lawyers in Family Court with McKenzie Friend support

A Family Court in England and Wales is a civil court location where separated parents can resolve their disputes over child custody and divorce finances. Family courts have a number of orders that parents can apply for to resolve their disputes. These are Child arrangements orders
Divorce financial settlements
Occupation orders
and Non-molestation orders.

The family court system has process and proceedures for dealing with different applications. A Professional McKenzie Friend can coach a parent on how to presenttheir own case as a litigant in person.

Most separated parents are unaware that there is a professional option to using a family lawyer (solicitor or barrister). When a married couple divorce in England and Wales, one aspect that is important to resolve is for the couple to financially separate and divide their assets. Often a jointly owned family home may need to be sold. Couples that are unable to come to a consensual agreement will need to apply make an application to the English and Welsh family court system for Ancillary Relief

Divorced father with his children after mckenzie friend helped hime with his divorce

150 5 star reviews for successful outcomes in:

Child arrangement orders
Divorce financial settlements
Occupation orders
and Non-molestation hearings