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Family Mediation is helpful when separated parents cannot agree on child arrangements or divorce financial settlements

What is Family Mediation ?

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Will Family Mediation work for your separated parenting dispute? 

If you are a Mother or Father who has recently decided to separate or divorce in 2024, then you will likely be adjusting to a new parental reality, that of how to co-parent and to figure out how to fully agree your divorce financial settlement

Divorcing or separating often means separated parents face significant emotional challenges in what short and long term decisions to make for their family. Who to go to for advice and help to reach agreement can be a overwhelming research task.There are so many different dimensions to consider, cope with and process and adapt to

If your relationship with your ex-partner to be is fairly amicable then you can approach a family mediation organisation such as Get Mediation to discuss child custody arrangements (the regular arrangements for the children to spend time with both parents) or how to divide your marital assets such as a jointly owned family home . In some cases, there is funding to assist with family mediation sessions .You can discuss this dimension with Get Mediation.

If family mediation between you and your ex-partner is succesful then terms of agreement could be written up by the mediator and there would be no need to apply to a family court.

The family mediation organisation may assess your situation as being not suitable for mediation.This maybe be because there is a high level of conflict or allegations of domestic abuse.

In such parental disputes the mediation organisation would issue you a "MIAM provider confrms attendance at a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)" form .This is featured on page 14 of the pdf application form for a c100 child arrangements order . If family mediation isn't possible the mediator will provide a copy of this page to you so you can proceed to apply for a family court order to resolve your parental dispute within the civil family court dispute process

Divorced father with his children after mckenzie friend helped hime with his divorce

What if Family Mediation will not work in your separated parenting dispute? 

The family mediator would confirm Mediation or other form of NCDR is not proceeding

Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend typically helps either a Mother or Father on a 1:1 coaching basis once the attempt at family mediation has failed or been assessed as not suitable for family mediation.

Graham Fletcher is a trusted alternative for a parent who finds the fees of family lawyers prohibitive or unaffordable. As a McKenzie Friend Graham helps a parent prepare for being a litigant in person and to negotiate with lawyers, rather than pay a family lawyer high fees to negotiate with the lawyer representing their ex-partner

150 5 star McKenzie Friend reviews for helping litigants in person achieve successful outcomes in English and Welsh Family Courts for:

Child arrangement orders

Divorce financial settlements

Occupation orders

and Non-molestation hearings