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McKenzie Friend Support to Navigate Through Family Courts

McKenzie Friend Family Courts

Family courts are one way to resolve parental disputes following a separation or Divorce. Graham Fletcher is a family focussed, Bristol based professional Mckenzie Friend. He is very experienced in supporting Mother's and Father's present their own case as litigants in person in family court proceedings such as child arrangement orders , ancillary relief hearings , non-molestation orders and occupation orders.

It is Graham's lived experience over 10 years of professional practice as a McKenzie Friend that 3 key aspects influence the likelyhood of position outcomes, that being positively focussed on solutions is important.

Please check the links below to see if he can offer assistance with your court hearing. If the family court location of your hearing is not listed then use the contact page to enquire about your specific case

Graham will help you to prepare in advance for and take notes during your important family court hearings. 

If you think Graham may be a good match to help you through your family court journey, please get in touch to discuss your case further


In-person McKenzie Friend Support

Graham can meet up to provide McKenzie Friend advice and mentoring in person in Staple Hill area of Bristol. Other options are he can offer you telephone or video call support to prepare for your family court hearing such as divorce finance settlements, Child arrangement orders,non-molestation and occupation hearings.

Graham will help you negotiate with solicitors outside court at in-person family court hearings at the following family courts (listed in order of distance from Bristol) -

Graham charges £50 per hour travel fees to and from court on top of his £80 per hour in-person support at court, which average 2 hrs per court hearing):

within 1hr drive

 Bristol Family Court -  Bath Family Court - Weston supermare Family Court -  Newport Family Court

Gloucester Family Court -  Swindon Family Court - Cardiff Family Court - Blackwood Family Court

over 1 hr drive 

Taunton Family Court Worcester Family Court - Hereford Family Court - Salisbury Family Court

over 1 1/2 hour drive

Swansea Family CourtOxford Family Court - Reading Family Court -Basingstoke Family Court

Yeovil Family Court