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How Does a Family Lawyer Compare with a McKenzie Friend ?

I love helping separating Mothers and Fathers as an alternative to family lawyers. I am very experienced in helping who are interested in presenting their own case as litigants in person (instead of using lawyers) in c100 child arrangements orders,non molestation orders, occupation orders and divorce finances hearings in family courts. I am a high quality, trusted alternative to a divorce lawyer with over 150 5 star reviews

I can help you resolve disputes effectively without needing to use a family law solicitor. I'm passionate about mentoring litigants in person to present their own case in family courts in cases that involve domestic abuse allegations, false allegations, child custody disagreements and divorce finance settlement negotaitions. 

I will help you understand the process often  "shrouded in mystery" by divorce lawyers by using easy to understand jargon free langauage. I'll provide the emotional support you need to feel confident to go through this process yourself and in doing so save you £1000's when compared to the bills you would get from the average divorce lawyer

I am a qualified mentor with over 5 years experience working in family courts as a professional McKenzie Friend 


 "He was the best Mckenzie friend/solicitor/advisor I could've asked for " Mr Hichem Volcano, Google, Nov 2021

"He is very knowledgeable and is able to save me money which I would otherwise have spent on legal fees and solicitors" Miss Wahida Finlay, Yell, 1st Nov 2021

"He provided an efficient service and good advice at a fraction of a cost of a solicitor" Mr A.G (Anonymity requested) 30th Oct 2021


After initially paying a divorce lawyer a very high fee for doing very little in my own divorce in 2012, I decided to present my own case as a litigant in person with the support of a Mckenzie Friend and did so to success. Since then I have provided a high quality alternative service to using a divorce lawyer for hundreds of mothers and fathers, working as a professional McKenzie Friend

I achieved positive outcomes in my own divorce finances and C100 child arrangements order hearings. I was successful in achieving occupation order and non molestation order applications against me being dismissed

 C100 Child arrangements      Divorce finances     Non molestation orders      Occupation orders

Domestic abuse help            Author on Family Law          Trainer        Mentor


 Parents looking to present their own case in C100 child arrangements order and divorce finance settlement cases after racking up high legal bills with divorce lawyers

Denied or restricted in access to their children following a divorce / separation

Facing false allegations in C100 child arrangements order and non molestation order family courts hearings

Faced with financial divorce negotiations over the sale of a home/assets


 I am not legally trained (like a divorce lawyer) but I have more 5 star reviews than them which I believe evidences I have a good insight into the process of helping litigants in person achieve positive outcomes - I offer a professional McKenzie Friend service -  have a proven track record of insightful, solution focused advice without using the legal jargon of divorce lawyers. My pay as you go rates are affordable and cost effective when compared to long, drawn out expensive approach common with divorce lawyers. You control your expenditure. No unexpected bills. 

Based in Bristol, I help litigants in person all across England and Wales with video or telephone pre-court coaching sessions on how family courts work, how to speak to cafcass about your children and domestic abuse allegations and how to stand your ground when negotiating with divorce lawyers in divorce finance negotiations

 As your McKenzie Friend I can take notes during a family court hearing, private message you advice (if a remote hearing) and prompt you to remember the key points you want to make to a judge or magistrates 


How is a McKenzie Friend different to a divorce lawyer ?

Your empowered to understand the process without legal jargon

You will feel confident to negotiate with divorce lawyers

I'll help you understand how family courts may deal with domestic abuse allegations

As a qualified mentor I will coach you on how to present your case against divorce lawyers

I provide emotional support and shared parenting advice based on my experience as a separated parent

Positive Family Court Outcomes

Solution Focussed McKenzie Friend Advice

Improve How You Come across to a Family Court Judge

Feel Confident Negotiating With Intimidating Divorce Lawyers

Give Cafcass the right information about your children

Resolve your C100 child arrangements order disputes

Following a divorce or separation nothing pulls on the heartstrings more than your children being prevented from having a relationship with you and having to go to family court to get a C100 child arrangements order

A C100 child arrangments order would support your children and you to ensure your relationship grows and develops

In my work as a professional Mckenzie friend I’m always solution focused in the family court advice I provide, looking for opportunities to improve parental relationships and resolve child arrangments and divorce finance disputes.

I provide an alternative service to that of a family law solicitor in how I work. Many of the litigants in person I have helped over the years feel divorce lawyers seek to amplify and extend conflict. As a professional McKenzie Friend I help parents work towards a future where they can co-parent together 

Experienced Family Court Advice to Achieve a Fair Divorce Settlement

If you're facing divorce or separation agreeing on how the family assets are split can cause high conflict and high legal bills with divorce solicitors. An "expensive postbox" is how one of my clients described his previous divorce lawyer's fees

I can help you step forward into the future with an equal, fair financial footing. I can help you negotiate an outcome reflective of all the contributions within the relationship.My McKenzie friend service helps you achieve positive family court outcomes without paying high divorce lawyer fees

With my insightful, professional Mckenzie friend support you can confidently negotiate with divocrce solicitors, present your case to a judge and increase the likelyhood of achieving a fair divorce outcome

Give cafcass the right information about your children

Cafcass family court advisors are the social workers who will assess and provide advice on your children and domestic abuse allegations made in family courts

You need to impress Cafcass so as to influence them to write a positive assessment of the future child arrangements you seek for your children in family court hearings

I have many years of McKenzie Friend experience behind me on which to advise litigants in person on how to prepare for their important interviews with Cafcass

front cover of the free sampler pdf book by graham fletcher mckenzie friend called 'eyes wide open'

   My passion for helping litigants in person understand how family courts work in child arrangements, non molestation orders, occupation orders and divorce finances has seen me publish a book on the subject to 5 star reviews. I have been interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford and a guest speaker at London's first divorce show in 2020. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to buy a copy

"I’d definitely highly recommend this book" Mr L Plowden

"An excellent guide " Bob, Amazon Customer

"This book is a must have " Amazon Customer

 "Essential reading if you are going to court" Amazon Customer

"A MUST read for anyone about to start Court proceedings" Karl