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Frequently Asked Questions about McKenzie Friends

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about McKenzie Friends

The experience base that Graham Fletcher answers these questions from is:

Graham achieved positive outcomes for his own family in court hearings against high paid barristers as a litigant in person

Graham has worked full time as a professional mckenzie friend since 2014

Graham has seen how family courts work in England and Wales in hundreds of private civil cases involving child arrangements orders, divorce finances (ancillary relief), fact-finding hearings, directions hearings, dispute resolution appointments, final hearings, non-molestaion orders, occupation orders and special guardianship orders.

Graham's McKenzie Friend explains how family courts work youtube channel has over 40k views 

Graham has over 150 5 star reviews on google, yell and this website

Graham is the author of the book "Eyes Wide Open: How to present your own case in family courts against lawyers" which explains to litigants in person how family court in england and wales work and has 5 star reviews on amazon

Graham has been interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford on numerous occasions

Graham was a guest speaker at London's first divorce show

What is the McKenzie Friend role in court hearings?

McKenzie Friend helps a litigant in person to present their own case to a judge instead of paying a solictor to represent their case. The McKenzie friend assists with paperwork, offers emotional support and advice and takes notes and gives advice during a court hearing . 

What is the difference when comparing a mckenzie friend with a family lawyer?

McKenzie Friend supports a litigant in person to feel confident to speak to a judge directly. If you attend a court hearing with a lawyer (solicitor or barrister) to represent you the judge will speak to the lawyer as your representative.The lawyer speaks in legalese language

What support would a mckenzie friend provide at a in person court hearing?

McKenzie Friend listens to the hearing but cannot speak to the judge.The McKenzie friend can take notes of what is said and can privately message the litigant in person during the hearing to offer advice and explain what is happening

What support would a mckenzie friend give in a remote court hearing?

McKenzie Friend attends the hearing but cannot speak to the judge.Prior to the hearing starting the McKenzie friend can assist with negotiations with lawyers. During the hearing the McKenzie friend can take notes and quietly offer advice and support to the litigant in person

How does a McKenzie friend help a litigant in person in court hearings? 

McKenzie Friend can explain family court processes without using legal jargon. They can review statements to be submitted to court and advise on how to approach interviews with family court advisors (cafcass)

Would a mckenzie friend assist me in negotiations with solicitors ?

McKenzie Friend can help a litigant in person negotiate with lawyers before a court hearing.The litigant can discuss the options presented by the lawyer with the McKenzie Friend privately so the litigant can reflect on the implications of decisions they may need to make

Does a mckenzie friend present your court case for you ?

McKenzie Friend does not have a right to speak to a judge as a lawyer does and cannot conduct litigation on behalf of a person. A mckenzie friend is comparable to a coach or mentor. They support the person to do it for themselves

Does a mckenzie friend represent me at a court hearing?

No, this is what a lawyer (solicitor or barrister) does. They "re-present" what their client has told them to the judge in legalese langauge. A McKenzie Friend supports a litigant in person to speak to a judge themselves

What Graham offers you as a McKenzie Friend

Years of succesful outcomes and reviews you can trust

Passion for helping parents through difficult times

Quick to build relationships and time effective in completing work

Experienced with C100 Child arrangement orders,non molestation and occupation orders and ancillary relief (divorce financial settlements) applications

Coaching sessions with a conflict resolution focus

South of England in-person court attendance family courts and remote hearings in England and Wales

Support with reviewing and improving the paperwork you submit to court

Template position statement provided


I offer a initial free 15 minute telephone consultation free of charge

Following this, my services are provided on

a advance payment basis,

at an hourly rate of :

£80 per hour Mon-Fri 9-5pm

£100 per hour Mon-Fri 5-9pm and weekends

(30 min minimum block of time)

Remote court hearings £160   

In-person court hearings from £240

1 hr information session on "How family courts REALLY work" £100 (video call)