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Enquires form for Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend

Contact Graham Fletcher | Text or Call 07906 956035 | Email: [email protected]

Hi, Thanks for getting in touch to enquire about my McKenzie Friend service.

The quickest way to get a response from me regarding my availability for a consultation is to TEXT me on 07906 956035 and include your name and propose the day and time/s you are available to speak.

I'll reply as soon as possible to your proposed times (usually within 1-2 hours,sooner if possible).

Before we speak, please email me at graham at 

(insert the @ symbol instead of " at ") a short summary of your situation, including details : if the court process has started then which court location, remote or in-person hearing, what type of hearing the last one was (directions/dispute resolution/fact finding).Ages of children/details of assets disputed is also helpful information for me to know

Please do not call or text me before 9am or after 9pm

If you use the form below to contact me

Please leave a mobile telephone number for me to contact you on.

The message box is where you should propose the day and time/s you are available for me to call you back.

It is limited in the size of the message text you can leave so if any issues just email me direct as above and ensure you mark my email as not being "junk" or "spam" so my email reply to you is received

I look forward to helping you through the court process as your McKenzie Friend


Regards and best wishes


Graham Fletcher

Please let us know your name.
Please let us know your email address.
No need to add a space inbetween the numbers or a +44 :-D
Please propose a number of days and times your available for me to call you back and let me a concise summary of your situation (please do not use numbers). This is confidential