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McKenzie Friend for a Litigant in Person can help you in a cost effective way when divorcing

A McKenzie Friend Will Help Litigant in Person Prepare for Court Hearings

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What is a McKenzie Friend and how do they help a litigant in person?

If your a litigant in person Mother or Father going through a difficult chapter in your life and at a point of deciding what path to walk as to whether to go it alone as a litigant in person then welcome to Graham Fletcher's McKenzie Friend website and offerings

Graham is 10 years+ into his journey as a separated parent. Graham's self designed website presents his ethics, approach and values with clarity so you can assess if Graham could be the right person to help you achieve positive outcomes for your family as a litigant in person in England and Wales Family court hearings

If you are to work together with Graham as your McKenzie Friend, you need to figure out if Graham is a good fit for you and aligns with your ethics and values

Please take the time to read the section below before you call Graham - this is a 6 minute read

Alongside reading Graham's McKenzie Friend reviews the aim of the page content below is to give you clarity on Graham's values and ethics that inform his 10 years of McKenzie Friend practice. His aim is this should help you assess whether Graham is the right person to help you achieve similar positive outcomes for your family in family courts

When Graham was 18, he met the Mother of his 2 beautiful children. Approximately 1 1/2 years later his parents divorced. It was no surprise Graham's parents divorced, It was clear to him as a developing young man there was an absence of love in the family home. Thankfully his parents didn’t expose him and his siblings to any bad feelings either may have had about the end of their relationship. They separated quickly and the children could go between parental homes without exposure to a energy of conflict. Graham had a clear vision as a young man that he didn’t want relationships with dynamics such as those he had seen his parents have then and subsequently 

After studying Fine Art at university Graham stepped into a rewarding career of working with children with disabilities as a playworker. Graham worked with a fantastic group of heart-led people with a deep care for positive outcomes. Graham had a real connection to playworking with children and enabling them to play and explore risks when there was backdrop of parental anxiety. This frequently involved dealing calmly with challenging behaviour

In 1996 Graham got married the Mother of his 2 beautiful children (Born in 1999 and 2004). Their children were created with loving intention. Like many couples there were huge differences in personality, character and family backgrounds. They naturally had their own individual parenting styles, influenced by their own parenting. Graham went on to work as a youth worker, youth mentor and creative project co-ordinator. Graham feels these years of experience working to resolve situations of conflict has positively influenced his working practice as a McKenzie Friend

In 2012, after numerous attempts to see if marriage guidance counselling could help them, Graham recognised that their points of difference were not going to change. Graham shared with his partner that he felt he needed to get a divorce

Graham had always been a very actively involved father, taking children to pre-school/play groups and pro-active in their home upbringing. Graham wanted this very significant parental influence to continue so that his children could benefit from the love and support of both parents

As Graham's family lived in a mortgaged 3 bedroom house, ideally they should have quickly mapped out how shared parenting and asset sharing could have worked. Graham and his partner could have looked to rent or buy new properties as quickly as possible. Unfortunately Graham's partner refused to discuss this option

For 7 months they lived in separate rooms. They developed a shared parenting routine that could work in these less than ideal circumstances. Graham's partner engaged a lawyer. From then on, matters took a negative turn of direction. Graham suddenly became exposed to the family lawyer formula of: attempt to attack, create division and position for a unequal divorce settlement in favour of a mother

Graham briefly engaged a barrister for emergency short notice hearing. The barrister was happy to take £600 of his money for 2 hrs of time but he would not answer simple questions about the process. Graham found it to be an expensive way for someone else to to tell a judge that he didn’t agree that he should be removed from his jointly owned home

This was parental lightbulb moment on many levels. Graham knew he had to figure out how to positively resolve this situation himself or risk incurring very high legal bills

For Graham, this journey involved not using a lawyer again and a McKenzie friend helped him get non-molestation and occupation orders applications dismissed. Graham gained a shared residency child arrangements order. The parents finally sold their family home 2 years later and started a new chapter of life as separated parents

Post separation Graham tuned into making value judgements of whether to engage in any co-parenting communications and took time to consider was there anything he could do or say to lead them to a more positive shared parenting future

Graham aligned with simple truth: His children love their mother and Graham knew that she and he co-created them with loving intention 

Since 2014 Graham has worked as a professional McKenzie friend, helping parents get the advice and support he could never find when divorcing. Graham provides insightful McKenzie Friend advice, guidance and support to parents to help them negotiate with and influence lawyers and Cafcass Family court advisors. He helps parents present their own cases connected to parenting arrangements and divorce financial settlements. Often these cases involve domestic abuse being alleged. Graham also provides coaching advice on how to improve shared parenting relationships

Graham is a very quick thinker and intuitively thinks of both immediate and long term considerations when discussing difficult parenting situations

Graham has created an active youtube channel with many helpful videos on how family courts work. Graham has published his own book on how family courts work and been interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford

Alongside Graham's working life, he has been an actively involved father throughout his children’s teenage years. Graham's daughter proudly achieved a first degree honours at university and his son is a talented photographer at university. He has also transformed as a man and father by exploring dynamic self healing and self development techniques. Graham can help you dynamically overcome long term blocks and limitations by helping you understand how to dynamically work with your subconscious mind

Over 10 years after divorcing, Graham's family can celebrate together at events such as children graduating from and going to university or being part of important birthdays or funerals

Graham feels strongly that achieving such healthy outcomes for your family are essential for their long term welfare and development

Graham is of the viewpoint you have a choice to model to your children that adults can cope with the end of relationships and recover to a place of healthier interactions. You may need to "walk this walk" this even if the other parent isn't currently. It's a powerful example to present and a long term gift to your children

This can be tricky, complex and have many dimensions. You may not be able to influence immediate change but if you're like Graham you will know intuitively if you have to follow this path

Does Graham's journey resonate with you?

Does Graham have the experience, qualities and values that you are looking for when seeking advice and guidance?

If you sense Graham may be a good fit for you and your needs, then please call Graham to discuss your situation further on 07906 956035

Graham is confident that he can offer you a unique service based on his lived parenting experience. This could mean as a McKenzie Friend with your family court journey, as a long term separated parenting coach or as a dynamic self development coach

If your like Graham, you will research and assess the validilty of impartial reviews left about anyone who may propose to support you.

If you have loving intention in your heart for a positive long term future for your children as they grow into adults then hopefully the outcomes Graham achieved for his family will resonate with you

If your like Graham, then you will be attracted his cost effective, positive-thinking solutions

If your like Graham, you will ask questions and expect honest, straight up answers

If you think Graham may be a good match for you, please get in touch to discuss your case further