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A McKenzie Friend Can Help a Father See His Children Regularly

graham fletcher mckenzie friend helps fathers

All pages of Graham's self designed website are written for Mothers, Fathers and grandparents to read but Graham thought if you're a father looking for a McKenzie Friend it may be helpful for you to read how he has supported fathers in the past to achieve positive outcomes and to read about his story as a Father who went through family courts and achieved a shared residency order for his children. Many of the fathers Graham has supported over the years have left 5 star reviews which you can read HERE

When Graham made the decision to end his marital relationship with the mother of his 2 children they all lived togtether in a 3 bed house. At the time his now ex-partner refused to sell the family home and they had to continue to live in the same house, with a shared parenting approach

One day after many months of doing so, Graham went to work and was served with a non-molestation and occupation order application at his workplace. At this time Graham heard a lot of negative predictions from a Families need Fathers support group and powerfully set a intention that what they had encountered "would not be my story"

Subsequently over time Graham was able to get both applications dismissed as a litigant in person in family courts. Both parents went through family courts for divorce financial settlement as well and finally sold our house 2 years later. Graham went through a lot in that time and had to learn how family courts really worked quickly

Yet Graham still always had a focus on how to improve how they could work togetether as co-parents. Now his children are now adults and the family have enjoyed graduations and 18th birthday parties together with new partners present

So Graham have walked his own path of really living shared co-parenting and navigating the up's and own that come with parenting teenagers

Graham hope this gives fathers a positive idea of who he is am and the values he holds dear. Since then Graham has gone on to help hundreds of fathers with difficult circumstances in family court disputes as their McKenzie Friend

If you think Graham may be a good match for you as a McKenzie Friend for a father please get in touch to discuss your case further or visit the About you and me page to assess if you may have a aligned approach and values