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McKenzie Friend Support with Suspected Parental Alienation Cases

Parental Alienation

Are you concerned your ex-partner is alienating your child from you?

What is Parental Alienation? Parental Alienation is when one parent deliberately influences their child not to want to have a relationship with the other parent. This often happens when one parent is damaged by the end of the Love relationship of the two parents and subsequently re-positions from a place of love to a blame game position of hate, singularly focussing on the other parent and not looking at the love the child has for the parent or their own conduct or patterns of behaviour within their relationship.

Frequently I have seen in family courts that lawyers enable women to present as having the perfect family background, perfect relationship skills and are a expert on parenting.

The reality is often very different to this and often the points of difference that brought the parents together into a love partnership may be complex on many different levels

Parental alienation is an allegation frequently raised without full understanding of what constitues a child presenting as "alienated". In my experience you need to be very aware and focussed on how you present such allegations in family courts. Parents who have such concerns can find that family courts in child arrangements order can be inconsistant in how such allegations are dealt with

I am pro co-parenting and parental alienation is something I feel strongly that you should do all you can as a parent to address and attempt to resolve by all means.

If you think I may be a good match for you please get in touch to discuss your alleged parental alienation case further