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McKenzie Friend

Father kisses his son on the cheek after gaining a positive child arrangements order

How does a McKenzie Friend help a litigant in person ?

1. Emotional support throughout the court process

2. Helps them understand how family courts work

3. Supports the development of a positive mindset

4. Provides impartial analysis of the case

5. Helps them articulate their short and long term aims

6. Review documents and offer feedback to consider

7. Assist them to understand legalese

8. Helps them in their negotiations with lawyers

9. Takes notes and supports them to stay calm and focussed

10. Helps them respond to fast moving court processes

© Graham Fletcher McKenzie Friend 2020 (from "Eyes Wide Open" book)

Graham Fletcher offers his McKenzie Friend Service informed by his lived experience of:

1. Succesfully achieving a shared residence child arrangement order for his 2 children, non-molestation order and occupation order applications dismissed and negotiating a fair divorce settlement via the family court and mediation process as a litigant in person

2. Working as a professional McKenzie Friend for over 10 years

3. Being a litigant in person customer of both a direct access Barrister and a professional McKenzie Friend during his own divorce proceedings

There are 3 stages of McKenzie Friend support that Graham Fletcher is experienced in providing to separated Mothers and Fathers (Click for fees) 


Help to make court applications online

1 hour information sessions on how courts work

Prepare you for Cafcass Interviews

Advice on how respond to false allegations

Help to draft effective court statements

Emotional support to help you present your case properly

Develop a strategy to improve co-parenting


Attendance at your in-person court hearing

Attendance at your online court hearing

Help you negotiate with solicitors outside court

Quietly give advice during your court hearing

Take notes of what was agreed at court

Prompt you to remember what to say

Stand your ground against a controlling ex-partner


Coaching to develop positive co-parenting relationship

Help you prepare for your next hearing

Help you enforce breaches of court orders

Help you prepare cross examination questions

Strategies to reduce conflict with your ex-partner