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High Vibration Personal Recommedations

It's a amazing time to be alive right now and in particular for people who live their life from the vibration of love and positivity as opposed to a fear vibration. Please look at the websites of these lovely individuals below if you need help with mental or physical health optimisation.The intention is to celebrate amazing people who I have been blessed to cross paths with. Catherine Bowen is Bristol’s number 1 Kinesiologist. Highly recommended for those seeking alternative approaches to health and personal issues not met by conventional NHS models. Catherine has a very deep, knowledgable skillset, including looking at health from the level of DNA. Bristol based but also offers remote /distance sessions worldwide llset, includig lookingat health from the level of DNA. Craniosacral therapist and healer based in Bristol and also offers online sessions, distance healing and phone sessions for those who are further afield. Difficult to describe quite how or what Hari Ma does but she is an amazing individual. I highly recommend sessions with her, particularly she has a amazing skill set of working with your energetic connections on a very deep level. " Claire Day comes highly recommended as a practitioner who helps people recovering from Injuries. She was an amazing person helping me recover from being knocked off my bicycle by a car.

There is some great support available on the internet for parents going through Divorce/Separation which you can utilise to help improve your understanding of your situation and therefore cope better with any challenges

Below is a list of websites you may find useful

. Get Mediation Website - Family Mediation In Bristol, London and Birmingham  is a great website, you can anonymously register and describe your circumstances on the internet forum and get support and advice from forum members, many of whom have been through similar experiences. Predominantly the site focuses on the financial disputes people have in getting a divorce. They also have a really good free telephone support line with trained advisors Families need Fathers charity is a small organisation that has online advice guides, a forum, local support groups, and email chat lists to support fathers in being an active role in their children's lives. A yearly membership costs £35 and is a great way to get advice from other fathers that have been through family court themselves Freephone 24 hr National Domestic Violence Helpline 0808 2000 247 resource page on the subject of those struggling with mental health issues and suicidal intent The Online directory for Male Victims of domestic abuse list of family courts in the uk website of Graham Fletcher, holistic self development coach National Association of Contact Centres excellent legal case law site for you to search if you need to resource case law that supports your case excellent magazine, book, and website here The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service is a non-departmental public body in England set up to promote the welfare of children and families involved in family court proceedings Do what you can to improve how you come across in crucial family court risk assessemnt interviews Website of Graham Fletcher Divorce Coach the "campaign against living miserably" C.A.L.M  is a great site for men meeting other men with similar circumstances – that they feel suicidal and feel there is no-one to talk to. The site has a great "get your life back section" and it's incredible to see the range of issue that other people are facing and dealing with. Victims First is dedicated to making sure that all victims of crime receive the support they need to cope and recover from the impact of their crime

  • Telephone support
  • Face to face support
  • Advocacy, including, help to access other services such as sexual health clinics, drug and alcohol services and legal services
  • Support through the criminal justice system (if you have reported the crime to the police)
  • Therapeutic Counselling a free web resource that provides information about substance abuse, mental health issues, and suicide prevention. a registered charity. They explain and discuss family law and family courts in England & Wales, and signpost to useful resources to help people understand the system and the law better. They work towards improving the quality, range and accessibility of information available to the public both in the press and elsewhere. They do not take on individual cases or provide legal services. Practice Guidance from the courts on McKenzie Friends (Civil and Family Courts) Counselling, support and information for all relationships The rules that apply to cases in the Family Court are published on the Justice website. The Family Court Guide is a framework of good practice which sets out Presidential Guidance, the rules and Practice Directions of the court & associated web based resources for those using & working in the family justice system  have produced some guidance leaflets about going to court. In particular see leaflets about applying for a financial order or child arrangements order without the help of a lawyer. A website aimed at family lawyers but which has lots of useful information, including summaries of recent judgments and law. Information from the Citizens' Advice Bureau Help, advice & support for separated fathers including a busy forum help to get your child back from abroad or arrange contact Advises families whose children are involved with or needs children's services because of welfare needs or concerns. They promote children staying safely within their families



There are some good books out there that you can often pick up on ebay or Amazon fairly reasonably, these are great to help you understand how to cope and deal with the many different aspects to separated parenting issues

A Better Way of Dealing with Divorce: by Diana Jordan LL.B Click to buy  

Family Courts without a Lawyer: A Handbook for Litigants in Person (Revised 1st Edition: March 2013)

Smart Parenting During and After Divorce: The Essential Guide to Making Divorce Easier on Your Child

Family Law and Practice 2012 by Duffield

Do Your Own Divorce: A Practical Guide to Divorcing without a Lawyer by John Bolch

For the Sake of the Children: The FNF Guide to Shared Parenting by Sue Secker

Help Your Children Cope With Your Divorce: A Relate Guide by Paula Hall