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5 star review for Divorce Finances Final Hearing

Always getting calls from people who have racked up huge bills with lawyers in disputes over divorce settlements and are considering new, more affordable options. "A very expensive postbox" is how more than one client has described using a solicitor for divorce finances.

These hearings are often tense, emotional moments in a client's life and so it's a real pleasure to help people keep calm and contribute positivity by enabling people to understand the process and criteria to present your case in line with. Having been through family court myself to a positive outcome as a litigant in person, I use this experience to inform my clients and to support them to feel confident to speak to a Judge - which can be a daunting experience!

For me, this is the most important aspect to my approach.... 

 . . .   I have been there and done it myself to a successful outcome. Not sure many lawyers can or do share such a personal experience of success with their clients.  Great to read that my "in the moment" advice suggesting relevant questions (communicated by Skype instant messenger during the hearing) was insightful and the client was certain that this support led to them achieving a better outcome on the day. Having a person with a great eye for detail can be essential at such moments.

My approach to supporting clients with divorce finance cases is to make them fully aware of Section 25 Marital causes act criteria that are used by Judges and help them align with it as much as possible to increase their chances of success. I find that many clients who have racked up high legal bills with solicitors in such proceedings have not been made aware of such criteria, which I find truly shocking. I think this is because I come from a professional background of mentoring people, empowering them to take ownership of their own situation.


Clients who have used solicitor complaint of being kept in the dark on the process ahead, with the lawyer using vague legal speak to create a relationship of dependancy , not empowerment. This is a key point of difference as is saving £1000's in barrister fees! Achieving a positive outcome yourself (with insightful support) is great way to start the next chapter of your life. Great for any client be able to walk away from such a hearing and know they stood up for themselves and were successful without a lawyer AND even better, against a barrister.

Everything is about preparation - scrutiny of the bundle financial data, clarity on the incisive question you seek to ask and being emotionally prepared to keep focused on the right criteria as the emotionally charged hearing unfolds

Do you need this kind of support ?  Call me on 07906 956035 to find out more about my 5 star support

(Taken from Google My Business on 16th March 2021

"Not enough words can explain Graham's invaluable support at the Final Hearing of our divorce proceedings. We consulted prior to the Hearing and Graham reviewed my position statement and gave me specific feedback using The Martial Causes Act to outline my case. During Court, .....he highlighted targeted questions for me to raise which, I would not have thought about or contemplated and these were immeasurable in directing the Judge's questions to my ex-partner. Graham's calmness and professionalism enabled me to remain composed under a pressurised environment. I walked away from Court with a positive outcome and a picture of a definitive road ahead in what has been a drawn out process.
I would recommend Graham and support from The McKenzie Friends any day. This form of support provides a human element to what can otherwise be a regimented process.

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If you have any questions, need more information or if there is anything I can do to help you, your family, friends and colleagues with then please get in contact with me by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Telephone : 07906 956035 and I'll do what I can to help you achieve a positive outcome





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