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More 5 star reviews for McKenzie Friend Service

Very grateful to have received the following 5-star reviews for my McKenzie Friend service. A few are on Google, a few on Yell and a few have been requested to stay anonymous so are therefore on my website.I always find it really insightful to read what people see and experience of me and the service I naturally and intuitively provide as often people see or value things that happen in a flash in a moment of flow. Please call me to find out more about how I could help you with your situation on 07906 956035

“VERY HELPFUL AND WELL-EXPERIENCED MCKENZIE FRIEND INDEED! RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE AT ALL TIME AND COST. Graham was very helpful in my court case all the way through! He never stopped of giving advice and taking time to think of other ways around obstacles! Very affordable to any parent struggling and he goes the extra mile to help and make sure things are in place! Can’t thank him enough but defo well recommended for someone who is representing themselves and need that extra help and support! “

Yell, Mr Ash-t 53

“I found Graham to be very knowledgeable and professional. He provided

an efficient service and good advice at a fraction of a cost of a solicitor! He was flexible on the means of communication and responded

quickly to my texts and emails. I give Graham five stars and fully recommend his service. Thank you”

Mr A.G (Anonymity requested)

30th Oct 2021

“five stars for how calmly and collectively you handle the situation.

Through these consultations, I have learnt something very positive from yourself...

Which is instead of worrying communication with the courts has plays a vital role.”

Ms F.J (Anonymity requested) 30th Oct 2021

“I highly recommend working with Graham. He is very knowledgeable and is able to save me money which I would otherwise have spent on legal fees and solicitors. He was able to provide me with support and understands emotional needs for us as a family as well that I would not get with a solicitor so I do highly recommend you choose him for help and support with family law matters.”

Miss Wahida Finlay, Yell, 1st Nov 2021

Graham is excellent at providing practical and emotional support exactly when needed.  This comes from his direct experience for himself and helping others.  He is very authentic, flexible and responsive.  All of these things make him better value than a solicitor, and in offering things they don't.  It may feel like an impossible battle against "the system", language, terminology, etiquette etc. but Graham is far more practical in offering tips to fight our own battles!

Mr Peter D, 28th Oct 2021

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