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Do not try and contact me via find a mckenzie friend dot com website

I have no professional affiliation or association with the website find a mckenzie friend dot com or any other website that claims to be a McKenzie Friend "network".The owner's of this Bangladesh based website have added my profile and information which I placed with full consent on other websites. I thought taking my information from these sites is covered by GDPR guidelines/legislation but apparently not.

find a mckenzie friend dot com created a McKenzie Friend profile with my name, photographic images (logo and personal photo) and contact details and linked my email address to it on their website without my consent or permission.

I consider these actions fraudulent and that the website has an a intention to damage the public profile and reputation of professional McKenzie Friend work.

I am currently trying to get them to remove the profile they created and also have a complaint filed with the Information Commissioner's Office

I have also complained about find a mckenzie friend dot com to the police, trading standards, action fraud, engaged in go daddy's report abuse process to no success (their domain provider) - all who seem to be poor at taking action against such practice

Please don't use that site to try and contact me as I will not be able to reply to any enquiries entered on that website.The website frequently sends email referrals from potential clients who are misled by the website to think I can reply to their enquiry via that website, which I cannot.

Despite on numerous occasions  unsubscribing from the falsely created email notification process, I continue to receive emails with no contact details of the public enquiries

When on one occasion a member of their team replied to email, "Please can you please email us your ID and one proof of address. Once we received this information, we will action your request. Regards Tim" . I consider this request fraudulent

Please only contact me between 9am and 9pm on the following number 07906 956035.

The following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (and identify me as not "junk" or "spam"). Please include in any email your contact number so I can call you in case a reply email goes to your junk or spam folders (which does happen sometimes)


Texting me on the 07906 956035 number is the quickest way to enquire as to my availability


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